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Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International... Before you read this report, remember to sign up to for 100% free stock alerts Chase Bank has moved to limit cash withdrawals while banning business customers from sending...

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Richemont chairman Johann Rupert to take 'grey gap... Billionaire 62-year-old to take 12 months off from Cartier and Montblanc luxury goods groupRichemont's chairman and founder Johann Rupert is to take a year off from September, leaving management of the...

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Cambodia: aftermath of fatal shoe factory collapse... Workers clear rubble following the collapse of a shoe factory in Kampong Speu, Cambodia, on Thursday

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Spate of recent shock departures by 50-something CEOs While the rising financial rewards of running a modern multinational have been well publicised, executive recruiters say the pressures of the job have also been ratcheted upOn approaching his 60th birthday...

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UK Uncut loses legal challenge over Goldman Sachs tax... While judge agreed the deal was 'not a glorious episode in the history of the Revenue', he ruled it was not unlawfulCampaign group UK Uncut Legal Action has lost its high court challenge over the legality...

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TV review: Eddie Stobart – Trucks and Trailers

Category : Business

Need some overblown nonsense about heroic truck drivers and impressive-sounding numbers? Send for Eddie Stobart

Eddie Stobart is shifting up a gear,” we’re told at the start of series five (five!) of Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers (Channel 5). “They’re already one of the kings of road and rail. Now they’re aiming high, flying to an ever-growing number of international destinations.”

What, there’s now an Eddie Stobart airline, is there? With green-and-red planes whose pilots are Yorkie-eating men with big bellies and tats? Oh, no – they now have one plane de-icing truck, operating at Southend Airport, glamorously. This show does a lot of that: turning the mundane into the extraordinary. So putting the plane de-icer to the “ultimate test” turns out to be … de-icing a plane. Guess what “the ultimate test” for trucker Peter Grant’s snow chains is? Yup, driving on a bit of snow. (The chains, incidentally are the “ace up [Peter's] sleeve in his fight against the frost.”)

The show throws a lot of impressive big numbers into the mix. Eddie Stobart’s red and green lorries drive half a million miles every day, the same distance as to the moon and back. The forest in Scotland where Peter, Eddie Stobart’s one and only log-wagon specialist, is picking up his logs is 100,000 acres in size, the same as 50,000 football pitches, and home to 40m trees. His monster 500-horsepower timber truck – Laura Jane – carries 25 tonnes of logs, the same weight as five elephants … etc.

Then there’s the odd truck-sounds-a-bit-like-fuck gag. Welsh driver Ashley Maddox has a day from “trucking hell” (he takes a few rolls of loft insulation from Wales and delivers them around London). And there’s a truckload of alliteration in the narration. “From the forests to the factory to the final destination in Kent is an epic 500-mile journey.” More big numbers, more heroic drivers, and a heroic rock guitar soundtrack, and there you have it, Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers. I’d say it was more like an Eddie Stobart marketing film than a TV documentary. But then I’ve always been more of a Norbert Dentressangle man myself.

Why the London Cycling Campaign designed a bike-friendly lorry

Category : Business

A lower driving position and bigger windows could help curb the number of serious cyclist accidents involving construction lorries.

The London Cycling Campaign has designed a new Safer Urban Lorry, and is calling on the construction industry to adopt it to make our towns and cities safer for walking and cycling.

Compared with current construction lorries, our design has a much lower seating position, lower ground clearance, and larger windows at the front and side. Crucially, the driver can now see what’s happening immediately around the vehicle, significantly reducing the risk of killing cyclists and pedestrians.

At present, half the cycling fatalities in Greater London involve lorries, and about three-quarters of those vehicles are from the construction industry. A large proportion of pedestrian fatalities also involve lorries. Tellingly, the most frequent response from lorry drivers after a fatal collision is to say they didn’t see the victim in the moments leading up to the crash.

We’ve taken care to design our Safer Urban Lorry using existing technology, with features that are already found on many refuse trucks. Modern bin lorries are designed to minimise the risk of running over refuse collectors working close to the vehicle (as well as protecting anyone walking or cycling nearby).

Already a common sight in town and city streets, these vehicles have the same low driving position and high-visibility cab seen on our Safer Urban Lorry. All we’ve done is to marry this type of cab with a lower chassis from a construction lorry.

Worryingly, current construction lorry design prioritises off-road convenience and site cost saving over cycling safety. A high clearance means, in the event of a collision, cyclists are often dragged under the wheels instead of being pushed clear. The high driving position encourages the driver to go faster and closer to other traffic; it doesn’t reduce danger.

We’re confident our Safer Urban Lorry features could be adopted without significant risk to the driver or the lorry. New lorries don’t need such a high ground clearance because site roads are becoming better graded for all vehicles, while low-entry cabs reduce falls and injuries to drivers and also encourage more cautious driving.

Indeed, there are no reasonable impediments to the construction industry adopting, over time, our Safer Urban Lorry design. Too many people – often very experienced and responsible cyclists – have already lost their lives because they were run over by lorry drivers who didn’t see what was happening right next to their vehicle. Drivers should not be put in a position where they have restricted vision.

There’s clear evidence is that current construction lorries pose an unacceptable risk when driving urban areas. Only when the construction industry accepts its responsibilities can we expect fewer crashes, and look forward to safer and more inviting streets for everyone.

Safer Urban Lorry features

1. Lower driving position
The seating position in our lorry is approximately 60cm lower than in a conventional construction lorry, which provides the driver with a much improved view of what’s happening around the vehicle, significantly reducing risk to anyone in the immediate area. Inside a traditionally designed lorry a cyclist in a normal riding position is invisible, yet the driver of our Safer Urban Lorry can see them clearly.

2. High-visibility windows
The windscreen and side windows are much larger in our design than those found in today’s construction lorries, which means enhanced visibility to the front and the side, The area to the front-left of the lorry, where the vast majority of lorry-cyclist collisions occur, is clearly visible.

3. Lower bumper clearance
Reducing clearance between the underside of the lorry and the ground helps lower the height of the cab and the seating position. It also increases the chance of a cyclist being pushed to the side in the event of a collision, rather than being dragged underneath the wheels.

4. Sideguards
Sideguards work in the same way as the lower bumper, increasing the likelihood of a cyclist being knocked away from the lorry in the event of a collision, rather than being dragged under its rear wheels.

5. Early-warning cameras
The best of today’s camera systems provide a 360-degree view around the lorry, ensuring the driver is aware of pedestrians and cyclists at the sides and rear of the lorry, even if they’re not directly visible.

Charlie Lloyd, campaigns officer at the London Cycling Campaign, is an expert on the transport and haulage industries, as well as being a former lorry driver. Mike Cavenett is the LCC’s communications manager.

VW AllTrack: car review

Category : Business

There’s one easy way to save petrol – turn your engine off. And if you don’t, this Volkswagen will do it for you

Price £28,475
MPG 49.6
Top speed 123mph

The grumpy driver of the school bus looked surprised when I tapped on his window. I was a bit surprised myself, actually. But I was annoyed. “Your engine has been idling for 45 minutes,” I said. “The whole time I’ve been swimming you’ve been parked here, going nowhere.” There was a silence while he gathered his thoughts, his sandwich hovering mid-air. “It’s a

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Warning of driving licence fines

Category : Business, World News

Many drivers are facing a fine of £1,000 for failing to update their photo-card driving licences, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency warns.

Excerpt from: Warning of driving licence fines

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Officials: Vets’ float crossed track after signals – CBS News

Category : Stocks

CBS News
Officials: Vets' float crossed track after signals
CBS News
Updated Nov. 18, 2012, 12:02 AM ET. MIDLAND, Texas A parade float filled with wounded veterans that was struck by a freight train had crossed onto the railroad tracks after warning signals were going off, investigators said Saturday. Four veterans of Iraq
Warnings went off before Midland parade float crossed tracksHouston Chronicle
Midland train crash: Driver crossed as warnings sounded, NTSB saysLos Angeles Times
NTSB: Warning signals activated before vets' float pulled onto train (blog)
Midland Reporter-Telegram
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Stocks: All eyes on the election

Category : Stocks

While several economic reports and news out of Europe are in play this week, the election will be the main driver of markets this week.

Go here to see the original: Stocks: All eyes on the election

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Collapsed black cab firm accused over vehicle fault

Category : Business

Union considers legal action against Manganese Bronze over steering glitch that triggered recall

The maker of London’s black cabs knew about vehicle steering problems that led to the company’s collapse for more than a month before it ordered a recall of 400 taxis, according to drivers and unions.

The manufacturer, Manganese Bronze, which is due to call in administrators this week, could face an investigation by the Financial Services Authority, or the Insolvency Service, if it is proved directors knew about the problems before informing the stock market in a timely manner.

The RMT union, which represents black-cab drivers in London, said it was consulting lawyers about possible legal action to recoup any financial losses from the firm’s collapse.

The union has called on the London mayor, Boris Johnson, to suspend his scheme to ban any taxi which is more than 15 years old, due to the recall that is leaving fewer cabs on the road.

It has been revealed that the two incidents that finally led to the company recalling the cabs took place in London and Edinburgh on 30 September and 4 October, but that the firm continued selling the £35,000 vehicles. One sale to a driver occurred only hours before the recall.

The collapse has left 1,500 cab drivers across the UK without a warranty on their vehicles, while the 300 owners of the faulty TX4 models are unable to use them.

Martin Adkins, a taxi driver from Carshalton, south London, said he drove his brand new TX4 off the London Taxi Company’s showroom forecourt on the afternoon of 11 October. At 7.30am the following morning, shares in Manganese Bronze were suspended and later that day 400 cabs were recalled.

He said: “I bought the taxi in good faith and did a shift that same night. Then, a day later, I was told the cab had been recalled. I was absolutely gobsmacked. I couldn’t believe it. They must have known that there was a problem when they sold it to me.”

Jason King, a driver from Hertfordshire, who has been driving black cabs for 10 years, said he first informed Manganese Bronze, which trades as the London Taxi Company, on 4 September of steering problems after he bought a cab.

King said: “Immediately, I could tell there was a problem with the steering and called up the company.

“They told me to bring it in a few days later and the tracking was tightened, which made a slight difference. However, it was still pulling the vehicle towards the kerb.

“I phoned on three occasions and was told ‘it is a characteristic of the cab’. Even when I bought the cab I had heard about problems with the steering, but had been assured these had been fixed.”

Between the time King contacted the company and the recall on 12 October, the firm had sold a further 99 cabs.

Manganese Bronze knew about steering issues in 2011 and decided to replace steering boxes with parts from a new supplier in February this year, although directors did not think it necessary to inform the stock market at their annual results launch in March. However, the new parts also failed and the steering reliability was an ongoing issue for several drivers.

On Tuesday, Manganese Bronze declined to comment.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association, said the company had known about steering issues for several months.

He said: “Drivers I have spoken to have been experiencing steering problems for some time, long before this recall. The company has tried to fix the problems in the past but obviously this time they can’t. It has left 1,500 drivers without a warranty, 300 without a cab, and there’s not a single taxi in London available to rent.”

He has written to Johnson asking for the rules on ageing cabs being refused licences to be relaxed until the recall is resolved.

Mike Tinnion, of the RMT, said eight union members had submitted details which were being looked at by the union’s lawyers for possible legal action.

He said: “A number of our members have said to us they experienced driving problems with the cabs … It is difficult to believe the firm didn’t know about the steering problems before the recall.”

The company announced plans to call in administrators on Monday after an emergency cash injection from its Chinese partner, Geely, failed to materialise.

About 300 jobs at its Coventry plant, which has made the Hackney carriage for more than 100 years, are under threat.

The first some drivers heard about the recall was when 18 TX4 vehicles were stopped by Transport for London from taking part in an annual trip to Disneyland Paris for sick children.

A spokesman for the Johnson said: “The mayor’s team at Transport for London are in contact with Manganeze Bronze in order to establish the full implications of the company’s decision to go into administration for cab drivers in London.

“To help drivers affected by the recent recall of vehicles we have temporarily suspended the requirement to source taxis from inside London, although all taxis operating in the capital will continue to have to meet the 15-year age limit. We hope this decision will help affected drivers to obtain replacement vehicles as easily as possible and minimise any potential losses on their part.”

Most accidents ‘driver’s fault’

Category : Business, World News

Most accidents on Britain’s roads last year were the driver’s fault, according to the latest government figures.

Visit link: Most accidents ‘driver’s fault’

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Improve Your Driving and Reduce Your Car Insurance

Category : Stocks, World News

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Sept. 14, 2012) - New research shows that British motorists will pay as much as £38 billion in road taxation by the end of 2012.* With car tax getting more expensive motorists may be looking for other ways to save money. Becoming a better driver can help you save money.

See the original post here: Improve Your Driving and Reduce Your Car Insurance

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France shooting: Police hunt 4×4 driver –

Category : Stocks
France shooting: Police hunt 4×4 driver
A British witness described seeing the car and the motorbike pass him on the quiet mountain road as he cycled towards the spot where he made the gruesome discovery of the murdered British family. Crucially neither the driver nor the motorcyclist have
French police in UK over massacreThe Press Association
French Alps shooting: Four Shot Dead In UK Car Attack near Lake Annecy in FranceYouTube
Family feud one theory in French Alps murder probeReuters
ABC News

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