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Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International... Before you read this report, remember to sign up to for 100% free stock alerts Chase Bank has moved to limit cash withdrawals while banning business customers from sending...

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Richemont chairman Johann Rupert to take 'grey gap... Billionaire 62-year-old to take 12 months off from Cartier and Montblanc luxury goods groupRichemont's chairman and founder Johann Rupert is to take a year off from September, leaving management of the...

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Cambodia: aftermath of fatal shoe factory collapse... Workers clear rubble following the collapse of a shoe factory in Kampong Speu, Cambodia, on Thursday

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Spate of recent shock departures by 50-something CEOs While the rising financial rewards of running a modern multinational have been well publicised, executive recruiters say the pressures of the job have also been ratcheted upOn approaching his 60th birthday...

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UK Uncut loses legal challenge over Goldman Sachs tax... While judge agreed the deal was 'not a glorious episode in the history of the Revenue', he ruled it was not unlawfulCampaign group UK Uncut Legal Action has lost its high court challenge over the legality...

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Why shame Truman’s grandson?

Category : World News

Masami Ito’s Aug. 11 article, “Moment of truth for kin of A-bomb decision” was most interesting for the questions not asked:
Why, for instance, did Prime Minister Kantaro Suzuki repeatedly ignore Allied surrender demands?

Continue reading here: Why shame Truman’s grandson?

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AUDIO: What makes a successful city?

Category : World News

Why do some cities work and others not? The Centre for Cities think tank is trying to find a way of predicting what works and what doesn’t. Why for instance does the city of Preston manage to survive down the ages? The BBC’s Chris Buckler reports.

See the original post here: AUDIO: What makes a successful city?

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Undertaker filmed by C4′s Dispatches storing bodies like ‘stacking TV sets’

Category : Business

Co-operative Funeralcare opens investigation into undercover exposé

The UK’s biggest funeral company has begun an inquiry after staff were secretly filmed storing dead bodies like “stacking television sets” in a warehouse on an industrial estate off a busy motorway.

Co-operative Funeralcare, which organises more than 100,000 funerals a year from 900 funeral homes, said it was shocked and disappointed by information provided to it by undercover journalists, “which goes against everything we stand for”.

While relatives believed their loved ones were at funeral homes, footage taken for Channel 4′s Dispatches programme shows bodies being stored in a warehouse or “hub”. The warehouse contained a garage with a fleet of limousines and hearses, storage for dozens of coffins, and a large refrigerated area – the mortuary – with rack upon rack of bodies, some of them uncovered.

When families asked to see their loved ones, the body would be taken back to the funeral home, a journey of up to 30 miles, according to the documentary Undercover Undertaker, to be shown at 8pm on Monday.

An undercover journalist reported that on one occasion the lid was taken off a coffin as staff tried to fit four coffins into a van. It was carried out of the vehicle without a lid at the destination, near a block of flats.

In another instance, a woman’s funeral was halted when the wrong body was brought to Teesside crematorium. Her daughter Mandy Rowden said the funeral director stopped proceedings and “just sort of pushed her back in again”. Mourners were told there would be a delay while the correct body was located.

Thirty minutes later, funeral staff returned but in a van, not a hearse. “They just swapped bodies over. But they forgot to put the flowers on me mam … the other lady got them,” said Rowden. Co-operative Funeralcare waived its bill, paid compensation and disciplined staff members after the incident.

The documentary claims staff are under pressure to sell expensive funeral packages to mourners, to increase profits, which last year were £52 million .

The former funeral ombudsman, Professor Geoffrey Woodroffe, described the practices alleged in the film as shocking. “I had no idea that they’re treating people as if they’re stacking television sets, really. I’d hate to think that a member of my family would have been treated in that way,” he told the programme.

The managing director of Co-operative Funeralcare, George Tinning, told the programme hub was a misnomer. “It’s an industry term, and if I can put it in context, it’s not unique to the Co-operative.” He added: “We have over 150 hubs … I don’t believe it’s industrial, I believe the premises are fitted out to a high standard.”

A company spokesman said: “We do not believe that the instances shown in the programme are representative of our many caring staff. We have however launched an immediate investigation into the programme’s findings and will take any action necessary to ensure our high standards and our policy of enabling clients to make informed choices is maintained.”

Where Large Banks Fail, Regionals are Succeeding: Bove

Category : Stocks

By Jeff Cox, Senior Writer

NEW YORK (CNBC) — Large regional banks are filling a void created by the biggest institutions’ regulatory burdens and the competitive disadvantage of smaller companies, analyst Dick Bove said.

Firms in the middle tier of banking — think US Bancorp , PNC and Capital One, for instance — are growing their key commercial and industrial lending portfolios while their competitors have had to pull back their activities, according to an analysis from the widely followed Rochdale Securities vice president of equity research. …

Link: Where Large Banks Fail, Regionals are Succeeding: Bove

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For Apple, the Lion Roars

Category : Stocks

By Om Malik, GigaOM

Apple Thursday released a developer edition of Mountain Lion,
the next upgrade of its operating system that will go on
sale sometime in summer this year. As part of the news, the company
shared some metrics about OS X Lion (version 10.7). For instance,
the operating system that was released in July 2011 has so far
shipped 19 million copies.

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Read the rest here: For Apple, the Lion Roars

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