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Chase Bank Limits Cash Withdrawals, Bans International... Before you read this report, remember to sign up to for 100% free stock alerts Chase Bank has moved to limit cash withdrawals while banning business customers from sending...

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Richemont chairman Johann Rupert to take 'grey gap... Billionaire 62-year-old to take 12 months off from Cartier and Montblanc luxury goods groupRichemont's chairman and founder Johann Rupert is to take a year off from September, leaving management of the...

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Cambodia: aftermath of fatal shoe factory collapse... Workers clear rubble following the collapse of a shoe factory in Kampong Speu, Cambodia, on Thursday

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Spate of recent shock departures by 50-something CEOs While the rising financial rewards of running a modern multinational have been well publicised, executive recruiters say the pressures of the job have also been ratcheted upOn approaching his 60th birthday...

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UK Uncut loses legal challenge over Goldman Sachs tax... While judge agreed the deal was 'not a glorious episode in the history of the Revenue', he ruled it was not unlawfulCampaign group UK Uncut Legal Action has lost its high court challenge over the legality...

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Secrets To Investing in Hot Penny Stocks Today

Category : Stocks, World News

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Ideally, you want to own penny stocks in sectors that are growing and expanding when you are Investing in Hot Penny Stocks Online. This is especially true if the stock is a pure play in that sector, as the penny stock will experience a significant increase in share price. For example, when gold doubles in price, the value of the resources owned by junior gold mining companies doubles, which causes their stocks to increase in value.

Many investors wonder how important the price-earnings (P/E) ratio is in evaluating a penny stock. P/E, an important indicator for regular stocks, is the ratio of share price to earnings. In broad terms, the lower the P/E, the better bargain you are getting. In particular, many traders look for a stock with a P/E lower than other companies in its sector. On the other hand, P/E is sometimes not such a key indicator for penny stocks, because so many of these companies have no significant earnings.

Another factor to consider when Investing in Hot Penny Stocks Online is sales growth. If a small company has a track record of several consecutive years of sales growth, there is a good chance the pattern will continue. Experienced penny stock investors look for companies that have achieved 20% to 25% or more growth in annual sales for two to three consecutive years. This type of strong growth is a very strong indicator that future upward growth will continue.
Before You Invest in Hot Penny Stocks Online

Apart from potential strong sales going forward, there are, of course, a number of other factors to consider while forming your decision. Since a lack of cash is often the downfall of small start-up companies, you want to take a good look at the financials of the company you have in your sights. Seeing strong heavy buying from management insiders or institutions is commonly viewed as a good indication of strong growth within the company; it means they know something that tells them the stock is going to rise in price — and it could mean it’s time for ordinary investors like you to put that company in your sights for Investing in Hot Penny Stocks Online.

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Billabong Low Value Prompts Wonder What TPG Bid Knows: Real M&A

Category : Business

Billabong International Ltd. is so beaten down that potential buyers could top TPG Capital’s offer for the Australian surf-wear company and still pay the lowest valuation for an apparel deal on record.

Here is the original post: Billabong Low Value Prompts Wonder What TPG Bid Knows: Real M&A

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surf1944: $ATRN could drop another 50% & still be

Category : Stocks


Link: surf1944: $ATRN could drop another 50% & still be

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Privacy and Net cafes — a tale of two cities

Category : World News

Kazushi Takahashi, a 22-year-old student in Tokyo, likes the privacy provided by closed individual rooms in Internet cafes, where he can surf the Web, play online games and read manga.
“I wouldn’t be able to relax if people peek in a room I am in,” he said.

View original post here: Privacy and Net cafes — a tale of two cities

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